Its me, Kayla Duffin! The face behind the lens. Its nice to meet you!

Who am I?

I am a 30 year old hilarious, loud, frizzy haired and usually one of the tallest girls in the room. I break hard for animals of all sizes, terrified of snakes, loves food and good hearted people. 

If you were to ask me when I was a child what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said something like "an author, artist of any kind, or rich" haha only so I could hire a maid to clean my room. 


I never thought that this thing called life would take me down this path. Don't get me wrong, my life has always been surrounded with art, coming from my talented, jack of all trades mother. I was always really interested in painting and drawing and dabbled in photography here and there in after school clubs. 

My passion for photography started when I was about 14 just as a hobby stealing my parents fancy "1.5 megapixel camera" to take random macro shots of stuff around the house or just pictures of myself or my dog. 

When I graduated high school I took 3 semesters of black and white film photography which sprouted my love and passion for photography. Funny thing is, I swore up and down I would NEVER be a wedding photographer. HA again, life sure is funny sometimes. 

I started photographing weddings here and there just for some extra cash. Also sprouting a love deep down I didn't know was there. Fast forward to right now. Ask me what I do for a living and ask me if I love it. HECK YES! 

The style and game started changing for wedding photography and I was all for it! I started shooting more and more weddings and each one feeding my heart and soul with love for it. 

So here I am. 28 years old running my own business, doing something I love. Trying to capture those special moments the ordinary eye doesn't see. 

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