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Frequently Asked Questions 
Q:Do you have a second shooter?

A: Nope! But don't worry, I have some really good reasons for that! I have shot over 200+ weddings in my career and Ive never had one! I am a master at time management that makes it look like I was in two places at once to insure I don't miss a moment of the day. I know exactly how to get every angle and second! Its also super important to me that I am 100% focused on you and your day and I don't need any distractions!

Q: What payment plans do you offer?

A: To book your wedding date there is a $500 deposit that goes toward the final balance. You then have the option to split up your payments. Three and six months prior you will be able to make a payment toward the final balance and the final balance is due the week or day of the wedding. 

You are also able to pay the balance in full the week or the day of the wedding if you don't want to payment plans!

I take cash, check or Zelle payments. 

Q: Do you have backup equipment? 

A: YES YES YES! I have two R6 canon bodies that have dual SD card slots that record a copy to each one! Insuring a double backup. I then upload the cards to external hard drives and the cards are safety put away in a firesafe box and are not deleted until your photos are edited uploaded and are in your care! I also have several lenses, batteries and flashes for backups too!

Q: Do you charge travel fees?

A: Yes and No! Travel fees start one hour outside of lorain county. Anything more than one hour will start at $100 an hour! But if you're inside one hour mark, there are no travel fees!

Q: What makes you different than the rest?

A: Everything. I know thats a bold statement to say, but I am confident in myself and business to say so! The top priorities when it comes to you is providing beautiful, timeless photos and creating a wonderful substantial relationship. When it comes to wedding photos I want you to have works of art that will last through the ages, not just the trends. Photos that will fill your walls and albums that will always be impactful every time they are viewed, either it being the first time or the 50th time.  My style can be labeled by many words but Id like to say that my work is stoic, elegant, romantic, moody and dreamy wrapped all up in one. But I'll let you be the judge and find out those are all true!

Q: Can I view a full gallery?

A: Of course!

The link below has a few full galleries that you can take a gander at! I hope you enjoy them!

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