My Mission Statement To You

I'm not your average wedding photographer. Ill be your best friend, weather man, coordinator, seamstress, time manager, stress reliever and last but not least the person photographing the most special moments of your love story.

Im the photographer you can text at 1am with a questions, inspiration or worry. Ill get down in the mud, dirt and poison ivy just to get that magical shot I know you'll look at 40 years down the road and reminisce on the that exact moment and what that felt like. I want to be a tiny part of the building blocks that your ever growing marriage is built on.

To capture the smile you only give to your partner, or the way their eyes sparkle when they see their beautiful person for the first time. First looks with mom or dad? Forget about it, tear jerker. To relive that moment, to remember the warm embrace they gave you that day. All those fun times on the dance floor? I got you, Ill be there capturing your friends and family celebrating your day. 

At the end of the day when you're tired, hopefully drunk and on cloud 9 the only thing that will be left will be your photographs. Memories and emotions caught in that exact moment in time that you'll never get back. To have those memories in your heart and to go back and relive YOUR day with the love of YOUR life is something to cherish. 

This isn't just a "job" for me. Its a passion. A lifestyle. Something I get to experience that I could never put into words about how good it makes me feel. It feeds my heart and soul with the richest soil. It makes me a better person. Lets go hiking, take me to a farm, explore some gorgeous dirty buildings in the city, or just in some tall weeds. I'm down. If you're looking for someone like that, I'm your girl!


                  Photography Session

             -engagements, lifestyle and family-






             -one amazing photographer                                             (thats me!)

             -engagement session

             -full day coverage

             -full rights to digital files and                                        online gallery


                out of state weddings and                  elopements please contact me! I love to travel and have many places on my bucket list that have discounted pricing! Lets adventure!



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