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Hey you! 

Its so nice to meet yah! I know you stumbled across my page to look at some pretty couples and amazing photography right? 

Well I want to introduce myself too, so you can get the full experience of who the eyes behind the camera actually is! 

Funny, loud, hype queen, dog lover, hopeless romantic, hard worker and your next best friend. My photography career started out as just a simple hobby at a young age. You can say I "fell into" wedding photography. It was never really my jam and I started dabbling in the wedding industry solely for the money even though I had no clue what I was doing lol. 

But you can ask me now 8 years deep and over 200 love stories later, ask how I feel about shooting weddings and I will tell you how my burning love for them runs in my veins. Man, I really mean it though. Talk about passion! Everything about it, the creativity, the dress, the flowers, the theme, the happiness and the best part the LOVE. Being able to capture an earth moving emotion such as love is something words just cannot explain. But photos can and that's my high. 

Lets create some magic!



Good Vibez.

The vibeeeeee is so important to me in my relationships with my couples. Making sure both you and I are a good fit for each other is just the foundation of our beautiful love story. 

Yes, I said "our," because even though I just take photos, Im certainly around you enough to be considered a third wheel. I want you to be comfortable enough to make out, grab some booty and get the most intimate around me so I can capture the real moments of YOUR love story. 


"Things you should want in your photographer" is something I hear a lot. But it is a two way street, there are certain things I want out of you too! 


I feel the most creative and inspired by couples who are open minded, down to clown, wanting to build a friendship, isn't shy about showing their love, trust in my vision, love to adventure, great sense of style and aren't afraid to get a little sexy. 


You've seen my work before, that's why you're here right? So you know  my style isn't all butterlfies and rainbows, but some grit and realness to it. The photos you can look back on and see the spark between you both that started it all.

If you feel like we both fit the bill- lets chat and get it poppin!



Wedding, engagements

Big Wedding vs. Elopement

The question of the century right?

2020 opened up a lot of space and creativity to change the pace of weddings.  I personally got to photograph and experience smaller intimate weddings and elopements last year and that lit a spark inside me. 

I know elopement is such an old school term where you just run away together and get married at the courthouse- which is still totally cool!


Now- elopement means so much more. The day is truly about you and your partners marriage. Having your closest and favorite people there to witness and celebrate with you, with the freedom to choose anywhere in the world, no rushing, no strict schedules, just pure love and relaxation. Oh, and you get to save money, party and do all of the traditions you would at a big wedding!  Plus you get extra amazing photos to have forever by giving your photographer all the extra room to be creative! 

Don't get me wrong though! Big weddings are still just as fun and special! Having 100+ people surrounding you with full love and support for your marriage. I know its tough trying to imagine your wedding without all of your loved ones and friends there and if thats the case, then big weddings are for you! Getting to see new and old people showing up to celebrate you! The party photos of all of your guests getting wild with you and your partner is a selling point alone and your photos will still be crazy amazing! 

At the end of the day, IT IS YOUR WEDDING. This choice is for you and your partner to decide what best fits for you! 


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